Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sesame Street Cupcakes

Elmo...coOkie mOnsteR... and Oscar the Grouch
Use your favorite gluten free cupcake recipe or ready made cupcakes. 
For the icing:
1/2 stick butter
2 egg whites
1 bag (16 oz) powdered sugar
3 cups shredded coconut. 
Food colors red, blue, green, yellow, and black

In a medium bowl, beat egg whites until fluffy and add 2 tbsp powdered sugar. In a large bowl, beat butter until light in color and creamy. Pour in powdered sugar. Once butter and sugar are combined, add fluffed egg using a spatula. Add milk if desired to soften the icing- but be very careful adding the milk, if there's too much, the icing will run and drip. 
Divide the icing into 3 bowls, and set aside 1/2 cup white icing for the characters' eyes and 1/8 cup to dye orange for Elmo's nose. 
Dye one bowl red, one bowl blue, and one bowl gary-green. Ice 1/3 of the cupcakes in each color. 
Divide the coconut into three bowls, and dye each bowl the same colors as the icing. Dip the iced cupcakes into the dyed coconut shreds.

To make eyes, pipe out dots of white icing on a cutting board and freeze for at least 10 minutes. Remove with a spatula and place on the characters. Dye the remaining icing black. Pipe out dots for the eyes. 
Dye 1/8 cup icing orange for elmo's nose and pipe out. 
For Cookie monster's mouth, cut a wedge out of the cupcakes and fill with halves of cookies.
For Elmo's mouth pipe a smile.
For Oscar's mouth, cut a wedge out of the cupcakes and fill with red icing for the tongue and black icing for the rest of the mouth. 


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